Perineal tear results in £350,000 compensation settlement

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Caroline Webber-Brown, a solicitor and partner in our clinical negligence department specialises in recovering  compensation for maternity and birth related injuries. Among her many successes is a claim she made against Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust for failure to diagnose and repair a 4th degree perineal tear.

Perineal tears are common during childbirth. Fortunately most tears are minor and heal quickly. 4th degree tears however are the most severe. These arise when the tear extends into the lining of the anus or rectum, and must be repaired in the operating theatre.

Caroline’s client suffered a 4th degree perineal tear during the birth of her second child, but the hospital failed to diagnose and repair the tear at the time of the delivery.

The delay in diagnosing the perineal tear meant that when the issue was finally discovered, the subsequent repair was unsuccessful. This resulted in Caroline’s client having significant flatus and faecal incontinence.  She underwent numerous attempts to repair her anal sphincter, including the implantation of a nerve stimulation device, but this was sadly unsuccessful. Ultimately her client had to have a permanent colostomy.

As a result of the hospital’s negligence, Caroline’s client also suffered a post-traumatic stress disorder and severe depression in addition to her physical injuries.

The perineal tear claim was successfully settled out of court following a settlement meeting, with Caroline’s client receiving compensation totalling £350,000.

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