We specialise in No Win No Fee birth injury compensation claims

No Win, No Fee funding enables birth injury victims like you achieve the justice you deserve. To find out if we can deal with your case on a No Win, No Fee basis contact our national helpline. Call 0333 888 0436 or email [email protected]

What is No Win, No Fee?

No Win, No Fee is an agreement we, as solicitors, make with you to fund the legal costs of making a compensation claim.

We are experienced in dealing with birth injury claims on a No Win, No Fee basis, representing mothers and families nationwide.

Under our No Win, No Fee scheme you don’t have to pay any money upfront.  Legal costs only have to be paid if we win your case and you are paid compensation. Most of the costs are then recovered from your opponent, so you only have to pay a contribution from your compensation.

If you do not win your claim then we do not charge you any fees – see below for further details.

Paying court fees, experts’ reports and other expenses

In addition to our own fees, expenses can also be incurred, like court fees or the cost of a medical report.

We have an arrangement with a leading legal insurance company which will fund these expenses.

This insurance also covers your opponent’s costs in the event that the court says these should be paid.

You do not have to pay the insurance premium upfront. It only becomes payable if you win your claim, in which case it can be covered by the compensation you receive.

Not all solicitors offer this important insurance, so if you have been looking elsewhere then bear this in mind.

How much is the success fee?

Solicitors receive a success fee if they win your case. People often think that we take a slice of your compensation, but we don’t.

The success fee is calculated as a percentage uplift on the costs incurred, rather than being a percentage of your compensation.

People also sometimes worry that once the success fee is deducted from their compensation it might leave them with nothing, or very little. To remove this worry we guarantee that the success fee cannot be more than 25% of your compensation. This means that the most it can be is 25%, but it could be less than that. Furthermore,  the compensation you receive for future financial losses does not form any part of this calculation, so you receive that element of your compensation in full.

What do I pay if I lose my No Win No Fee birth injury claim?

If we do not win your No Win No Fee birth injury claim, you will not have to pay us anything for the time we spent dealing with your case (unless there has been dishonesty or fraud).

Nor do you have to pay any expenses, such as court fees or medical experts’ fees, as these are covered by the insurance policy.

How do I find out if you will deal with my claim on a No Win, No fee basis?

We are happy to consider any birth injury case for No Win, No Fee funding. Simply provide us with details of your case and we will give you an assessment FREE OF CHARGE.

If your case is suitable for No Win, No Fee funding we will supply further details of how it works and answer any queries you may have.

To speak to a birth injury expert today, call our helpline on 0333 888 0436 or email [email protected]