Baby death solicitors to identify systemic NHS failings

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The parents of a baby girl who who was stillborn at Nottingham University Hospital and went on to force an inquiry into baby deaths in the city have urged baby death solicitors to help more families to do the same.

The couple have specifically called for solicitors to collaborate more to uncover systemic failings in NHS trusts.

The incidence of baby deaths is a national concern and is currently under independent review by senior midwife Donna Ockenden. Her review is expected to take around 18 months.

The bereaved parents from Nottingham feel that the legal profession has an important role to play in sharing information and putting their clients in touch with other families going through similar issues to enable them to secure justice. By working together baby death solicitors will be able to identify recurring issues and patterns of medical failure regionally, making it more difficult for NHS trusts to resist the call for further enquiries to be launched.

All the time incidents are seen as isolated, one-off occurrences it is easier for NHS trusts to maintain that systematic failings are not to blame. But where multiple families come forward, sharing similar stories, then wider patterns become discernible, enabling medical experts to establish what is going wrong.

It is only by identifying the systemic causes of avoidable baby death that steps can be taken to improve our healthcare and save lives.

Solicitors Slee Blackwell are happy to lend their support to the campaign. Oliver Thorne, who heads up our specialist team and has undertaken many baby death inquests said, “Lawyers can help join up the dots and enable the wider picture to be seen. We as a firm will do everything we possibly can to highlight failings within NHS trusts nationwide.”

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