Shoulder dystocia can occur when a baby’s shoulder gets trapped behind the mother’s pubic bone. It can result in a range of injuries, the most serious being nerve damage and paralysis. It is the main cause of Erb’s Palsy.

The risk of shoulder dystocia cannot always be identified prior to delivery. When shoulder dystocia occurs the condition needs to be properly managed. There are recognised manoeuvres that the delivery team should follow.

Clinical negligence claims can arise where the medical professionals responsible for the care of mother and baby have failed to act appropriately. This might be a failure to identify a potential problem or a failure to treat it correctly.

If injury results from incorrect or inappropriate medical care then you may wish to consider a shoulder dystocia claim for compensation.

Compensation can not only be claimed for the physical injuries suffered, but also the financial consequences, including the future cost of care. In addition a claim can be made for psychological injury. In this shoulder dystocia case study both the mother and the baby’s grandmother received compensation for psychological injury.

We are experienced in dealing with clinical negligence claims and are usually able to proceed on a No Win, No Fee basis. This means that there is no need to allow worries about legal costs put you off seeking justice.

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Birth Injury Shoulder Dystocia Claim

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