Making a forceps claim

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What are forceps?

Forceps are surgical instruments used for the delivery of babies during an assisted birth, sometimes known as an instrumental delivery.

They are made from smooth metal, usually stainless steel, and resemble a large pair of tongs. Forceps have a curved design so that they fit around the baby’s head and can be used to deliver the baby by pulling it out or turning the baby to the correct position.

What is a ventouse?

A ventouse or vacuum cup is another instrument that can be used during an assisted birth. It involves attaching a plastic or metal cup, connected to a suction device, to a baby’s head.

Forceps are generally preferred where the mother is giving birth at less than 36 weeks pregnant as they are less likely than ventouse to damage a baby’s head, which is softer at this early stage.

Ventouse and forceps are only used when necessary and assisted delivery is less common in women who have previously had a spontaneous vaginal birth. In the vast majority of cases these instruments are correctly used. However, mistakes do occasionally occur and when they do it can lead to injuries being suffered.

Claiming compensation

Injuries arising from forceps and ventouse accidents include head injury, nerve damage, lacerations, organ damage and scarring.

When injury is suffered then there might be a claim for medical negligence compensation.

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