Fetal distress can occur when the unborn baby suffers from a lack of oxygen.

Your baby’s distress is usually indicated by an irregular heartbeat.

As with other birth injuries, fetal distress can happen without anyone being to blame but there are ways in which the risk of fetal distress and its associated damage can be reduced by the medical staff.

A failure to detect fetal distress or act appropriately when it arises can result in avoidable injury and give rise to a medical negligence claim.

The level of compensation available will depend on the seriousness of the injuries and the extent to which they could have been avoided.

Our medical negligence lawyers are experienced in dealing with claims arising from fetal distress, with access to the nation’s top medico-legal experts.

We will ensure that you and your baby are compensated for the full impact of the injuries with a financial package encompassing short term and long term needs including:

  • medical care
  • educational needs
  • accommodation costs
  • loss of earnings

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Birth Injury Fetal Distress Claim

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